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"Wonderful time, yummy food, good value for money + a brilliant crew. What more could a girl want?"...Vicky...UK


"Unforgettable experience - great instruction, great dives and amazing food. Thanks guys!" ...Gemma...Wales


"Had a really good time, compared to the Whitsundays, this was everything! Sun, Ocean (Blue!), nice people and the best diving in the world!"...Karen & Rose...The Netherlands


"Wow, Wow, Wow,! So amazing - We got to see so much underwater life, including whales! Really incredible. We were so well looked after and got to see so much on the trip - couldn't have been better. And of course the food!"...Cona...Ireland


 "When I went on the Dancing With Dolphins I never expected to dance with dolphins. Imagine my surprise, my feet have never been so sure."...Paul...US

"When I went on this 'Coral Adventure', I never expected to actually go on a coral adventure. Imagine my delight, as the adventure continued over the course of the 3 days. Jurassic Park in coral."...Derek...Canada

"When I went on this boat I never expected to go with such a crazy bunch of people. So imagine our surprise to live with this bunch for 3 days"...Bram & Marieke...The Netherlands


"Thanks for giving me the best time yet in Australia. Could not have asked for anything more. Never expected to see a whale-shark. Also learned a good deal about diving from an awesome crew."...Chris...Canada


Really professional, friendly crew - great food, hilarious briefings, terrific fun!...Ally...UK


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