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Monohull v. Multihull Sail trim:

On a mono, trim for the lull, ride the puff.

On a multi, trim for the puff, wait the lull.


Improve your Sailing! - Make the most out of your boat.


Smooth Cruising. Sailing workshops on your own boat,

by qualified Offshore Yachtmaster Instructor.

Iron out the stress of sailing your boat.

1/2 day, full day or multi-day (3 or 4 days)
Will give you the confidence and skills to go cruising sooner.

From shipboard routine to easy sail handling in any conditions.

You will be able to take on the World, literally.

Start planning, get your Pilot Charts here

Download the brochure here


Pointers on How to sail from A to B without damaging people or gear.

Ever in panic or doubt, run in circles, give orders and shout.

Navigation is a Science, not an Art,
With good Navigation you always know exactly where you are,
The closest distance beween 2 points is a straight line,
All the above statements are false.

3 Rules to sail a boat:

  1. Damned the sailor who doesn't look up.

  2. Ever in doubt, let it out.

  3. Watch the front of the front'sail and the back of the back'sail.

sv "Suavo"




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