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The ultimate Overnight Sail/Dive cruise ship.

Dancing With Dolphins® delivers a revolutionary pocket cruise ship that is profitable,
sustainable and more comfortable for passengers.

With simple construction methods, hybrid propulsion, lightweight design and shallow draught,
these vessels open up previously unavailable destinations to sustainable mass tourism
whilst adding a new, improved experience to old favourites.

Designed to please with her speed and seaworthiness in any weather condition,
Dancing With Dolphins® is built to offer a high standard of comfort, both sailing and at anchor.

The uncluttered layout and kit assembly allows fast construction and easy maintenance
for short turnaround times and decades of trouble free service.

Do expect thoroughbred performance.


Feitor 70

Cap: 26+5
Speed:10+ kn
Disp: 50 T
LOA:22 m
Beam:6+ m
Draught:2.5 m

  • Looks
  • Speed
  • Comfort
  • Fuel Economy
  • Wear resistance
  • Weather kindness
A Sayer

A Queensland Government supported project.

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